Sun Angle Calculator by Zip code
Sun Angle Calculator by Zip code

Sun Angle Calculator by Zip code

Sun Angle Calculator: Ever wondered where the sun is and how it affects your day? Our Sun Angle Calculator, makes it incredibly simple to discover! Whether you’re into harnessing solar energy efficiently with the optimal Solar Panel Sun Angle, seeking the perfect lighting for photography, or just satisfying your curiosity, we’ve got all the answers you need.

Sun Angle Calculator by Zip Code

Sun Angle Calculator

Sun Angle Calculator: Your Handy Solar Helper

What’s a Sun Angle Calculator?

It’s a cool tool that shows you where the sun is in the sky at any place and time. It tells you the solar azimuth (that’s the direction of the sun) and the elevation angle (how high the sun is).

Sun Angle Calculator
Sun Angle Calculator

Sun Angle Calculator by Zip Code

No need to be a map expert! Just pop in your zip code, and our calculator figures out the rest. It’s perfect for anyone, anywhere. Also read: Golden Hour: What is Golden Hour? Find Your Golden Hour!

Solar Azimuth and Elevation Angle Calculator

Solar Azimuth

Think of this as the sun’s compass direction. Our calculator tells you exactly where the sun is coming from.

Elevation Angle

This is all about how high the sun is. Our calculator helps you understand its position in the sky.

Sun Angle Calculator: Boost Solar Panel Efficiency with Perfect Alignment

Determining the optimal orientation for your solar panels is crucial for maximizing energy efficiency, and our Sun Angle Calculator is the perfect tool to assist you in this task. By inputting your zip code, the calculator provides precise solar azimuth and elevation angles specific to your location. With these insights, you can adjust your solar panel installation to align perfectly with the sun’s path. This alignment ensures that your panels receive the maximum possible sunlight throughout the day, translating into higher energy output and increased efficiency.

Whether you’re setting up a new solar energy system or optimizing an existing one, our calculator simplifies the process, making it easier to harness solar power effectively. Also Try Find Solar Declination Based on Your Zip Code | Solar Declination Calculator

How to Use the Sun Angle Calculator

It’s a breeze:

  1. Enter Zip Code: Just type in the zip code for the location you’re curious about.
  2. Pick a Date and Time: Choose when you want to know about the sun’s position.
  3. Hit Calculate: Press the button, and voila! You get the sun’s direction and height.

Why Knowing Sun Angles is Cool

  • Solar Power: If you’re into solar panels, knowing the sun’s angle helps you get the most energy.
  • Finding Your Way: If you love adventures, the solar azimuth is like a daytime compass.
  • Planning Outdoor Fun: Great for photographers or party planners who want perfect lighting.


Our Sun Angle Calculator is super handy for anyone wanting to know more about where the sun is. It’s easy, accurate, and useful for all kinds of activities. Give it a try and see how the sun moves in your world! Also read: Why We Should See Solar Eclipse

For finding Solar angle based on latitude and longitude try NOAA Solar Position Calculator