Nautical Twilight Calculator
Nautical Twilight Calculator

Nautical Twilight Calculator

Nautical Twilight Calculator: Nautical Twilight, a term steeped in maritime tradition, refers to a specific period of twilight when the sun is below the horizon, yet its light is still guiding mariners at sea. This time is crucial for navigation and holds importance in astronomy and photography as well. Our easy-to-use Nautical Twilight Calculator helps you accurately determine the start and end times of nautical twilight, making it an essential tool for sailors, stargazers, and photographers alike.

Nautical Twilight Calculator by Zip Code

Nautical Twilight Calculator

Understanding Nautical Twilight

Nautical Twilight occurs before civil dawn and after civil dusk, during the times when the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon. It is especially significant in navigation, where it marks the limit at which sea horizons are visible under good atmospheric conditions for celestial navigation.

Nautical Twilight Calculator
Nautical Twilight Calculator

Nautical Dawn and Nautical Dusk

  • Nautical Dawn begins when the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon in the morning. It ends at civil dawn, when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon.
  • Nautical Dusk starts at civil dusk, with the sun 6 degrees below the horizon, and continues until it reaches 12 degrees below the horizon.

The Significance of Nautical Twilight

Nautical twilight has various practical applications:

  • Maritime Navigation: Traditionally, nautical twilight was crucial for sailors to take reliable star sights for navigational purposes.
  • Astronomy: For astronomers, this period is ideal for observing the sky as it offers a balance between darkness and the visibility of the horizon.
  • Photography: The unique lighting conditions during nautical twilight provide photographers with opportunities to capture stunning, dramatic landscapes.

How to Use the Nautical Twilight Calculator

Our Nautical Twilight Calculator is user-friendly:

  1. Enter Your Location: Type in your zip code to set your location.
  2. Choose a Date: Select the specific date for which you need nautical twilight times.
  3. Get the Times: Click on the calculate button, and the tool will provide you with the start and end times for both nautical dawn and nautical dusk.


Nautical twilight, a time of transition and beauty, offers more than just a navigational aid to sailors; it’s a period that photographers, astronomers, and the curious can appreciate for its unique qualities. Our Nautical Twilight Calculator demystifies this celestial event, making it accessible to all who wish to explore or utilize these special moments of the day. Whether you’re charting a course across the seas, gazing at the stars, or capturing the perfect photo, understanding nautical twilight opens up a world of possibilities. Try our calculator and experience the wonders of nautical twilight today! Read about other types of Twilight.