Create Image Using ChatGPT Without any Plugin or Code
Create Image Using ChatGPT Without any Plugin or Code

Create Image Using ChatGPT Without any Plugin or Code

Create Image Using ChatGPT: If you are looking for How to generate AI images using ChatGPT , you are at right place. If you do a Google Search you will see results like “ChatGPT is not an image generation system and cannot directly output images“, but that’s partially true.

Before going forward let’s understand about ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It’s part of the GPT architecture, which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” ChatGPT is designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the input it receives. It’s trained on a massive amount of text data from the internet, which allows it to answer questions, have conversations, provide explanations, write essays, and perform various natural language understanding and generation tasks.

How to Generate Images using ChatGPT for Free

We can use a special prompt to ask ChatGPT to generate images for us. Use blow prompt on ChatGPT

Think you are an image prompt generator. Now, ask me for a description of an image, and help me complete in the following placeholders of the prompt. Then, output the completed prompt. ![Image] ({description}), where {description} ={sceneDetailed},%20{adjective1},%20{charactersDetailed},%20{adjective2},%20{visualStyle1},%20{visualStyle2},%20{visualStyle3},%20{genre}

Once you do that ChatGPT will reply you with something similar

Certainly! I can help you create an image prompt. Please provide me with a description of the image you'd like to generate, including details about the scene, adjectives to describe it, characters or elements, visual style preferences, and the desired genre. Once you share this description with me, I'll assist you in filling in the placeholders and generate the completed prompt.

Now you are all set to ask ChatGPT to create your image. ChatGPT will use and will create image for you in the response. Now with even a little description you can crate image using chat GPT.

Create Image Using ChatGPT

Here is an example:

let’s try “A train running in snow on mountains”

Below is the screenshot of result:

Create Image Using ChatGPT
Create Image Using ChatGPT

In similar way you can use DALLĀ·E to create your image on ChatGPT, We will cover that in upcoming articles.

Now you can use all these placeholders and create a beautiful images as per your need. Also Read : Options and Derivatives Pricing : Your Guide to Understanding and Predicting Financial Markets using Programming


Whether you’re an artist, a designer, or simply someone curious about the intersection of art and artificial intelligence, this is a nice way to create image using ChatGPT. Generating images using ChatGPT and similar AI tools is a fascinating exploration of the future of creativity. It’s a testament to the incredible advancements in artificial intelligence and its potential to enhance and expand our creative horizons. So go ahead, unleash your imagination, and let ChatGPT bring your visual ideas to life. The digital canvas is yours to explore!