In a recent announcement ahead of the upcoming board exams, CBSE declared that it will not award overall divisions, distinctions, or aggregates for Class X and XII student.

CBSE's decision follows the ideas of NEP 2020, focusing on a well-rounded education. This move strives to build a more balanced and student-friendly education system.

CBSE specifies that institutions/employers manage percentage calculations for higher education or employment purposes.

Candidates with more than five subjects leave the decision on the best five to the admitting institution or employer.

Admitting institutions/employers can decide best five subjects for candidates with more than five subjects.

CBSE's decision aligns with NEP 2020, aiming to reduce academic pressure and promote holistic education.

Influenced by factors like reducing academic pressure and addressing concerns about high-stakes exams.

Experts praise the decision, encouraging a focus on learning over exams. They are also concerned about its impact on student motivation and recognition of achievements.

This positive change enhances transparency and adaptability in board examinations, reinforcing CBSE's commitment to evolving student needs.